Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Get Your Septum Pierced. Everybody's Doing It...

Cows started the Bovine Chic culture eons ago. The Punks and the Goths have been indulging for ages but now it seems everybody's
getting their Septum pierced.
Madonna just had it done so it must be cool.
But I think the cow below looks the coolest...


  1. My first impulse is to provide medical assistance. I've learned to hold back, but . . . you . . .know.

  2. No thank you! How do you blow your nose?.... unless, maybe, they've figured out a way to hook up an automatic Kleenex dispenser to it.... with my allergies I could go for that.

    1. a green public sneeze might encourage her to let it close up, especially if she has no tissue readily available. SMH

  3. It seems that throughout the centuries, people have always been piercing themselves and embellishing themselves in hopes to become more beautiful. This generation must be the most insecure in their self-esteem because there are probably no more body parts left to decorate with piercings and tattoos. I'm with you D.D. the cow wins hands down for beauty.

  4. Hello People?? Like get a life!! Nose rings are so old school totally retro..... Just like Madonna.
    You want the coolest thing.... like EVER?
    Check out Cowie's ear tags....... Oh Yeah!!
    That would be Soooooo Cool !!!

  5. Yep, I can see it now ... a black market in used "mad cow disease ear tags" liberated from the back door at the local abattoir. Way kewl, man. Pop one of those puppies in, wait six months, and the delusions you start hallucinating to are your very own death throes, having contracted Jacob-Kreutzfeldt disease from your decorative plastic ear-wear!