Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Troubled Boy Brando Yelavich. The Epic 600 Day 8,000 Kilometer Walk Around The Entire New Zealand Coastline. And Now The Book, Wildboy...

As many of you who've followed this blog for some time, know that I met young, troubled Brando Yelavich a couple of days into what was going to be a six hundred day, epic eight thousand kilometer walk around the entire New Zealand coastline.
I was there the day he finished, at the same place he started, by the lighthouse at Cape Reinga. He had on that Saturday, 23 August 2014 become the first person to complete that amazing and difficult journey.
And he had become a wonderfully impressive and inspirational young man.
He did ask me to help him write the book
and I'm delighted to say that Nicola McCloy has filled that role wonderfully well.
It's a great read...


  1. Awe, to be young again and be able to take long, long walks.

  2. Such a good story, now to read the book.

  3. A tiny bit inspiring, I think. A young man worth watching.