Friday, July 17, 2015

A Greek Tragedy...

Never mind the rights and wrongs.
An ancient and proud country reduced to such poverty and humiliation is a great tragedy...


  1. The situation is so complex. It's not easy to find out about wright or wrong. But I believe many of the Greeks experience themselves like they are actors and actresses in a theatre playing one of the big Greek tragedies. And they wonder where and when the hamartia took place and are astonished of the peripeteia. I do understand those who hope it's an evil dream that could disappear with the innocence of a fresh new morning brought by a good night's sleep.

  2. It's atrocious. What's happening to Greece is the sort thing that sets the stage for wars, civil and otherwise. This is the beginning of the end of seven decades of western peace and prosperity, and of the death of the European Union.


  3. Sadly it has not been all that peaceful in Europe: the sectarian war in Ireland, the ETA Basque separatist in Spain and France, the death of yougoslavia and the genocide in Kosovo. I probably missed others too... I can't see things getting any better any time soon. Other economies are in dire straights in Europe, and I believe Greece is being made an example of to show others what happens if they don't keep on the Euro's straight and narrow as defined by the big European boys and girls.

  4. the powerful countries through the European Union ENGAGED economic and political control of the poorest countries of the union , removing democratically permissions of the citizens forcing the governments not to the liking of the great union . at the end the Germans they lose history has shown and wait to repeat it.