Saturday, July 18, 2015

Russians Need Reminding That Taking Selfies While Standing In Front Of A Speeding Train Is Dangerous...

There's been enough deaths and injuries recently to compel the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs to launch a new public safety campaign called Safe Selfies.
It warns their citizens to the dangers of taking selfies while standing in front of speeding trains, in the middle of a motorway, on top of a high building or, can you believe it, playing Russian Roulette with a loaded pistol...


  1. I think modern humans are the dumbest creatures around these days, many don't seem to have any sense of self preservation... I think even slime molds are now more intelligent that a growing number of self styled "homo sapiens" !

  2. Well, in a country with a president named Putin I believe it's best for the inhabitants not to have too many independant thoughts. So it could be looked at as a relief having others to think for you - and advising you - as if you were a child.

  3. If it is not allowed to photograph self while playing Russian Roulette, what ethnic variety of Roulette is acceptable???

    1. Hahahaha Mr Wapku I wish I knew...but I do know the Russian version can be very messy...