Thursday, July 23, 2015

If The World Stopped Spending Money On The Military For Just Eight Days...

If the world stopped spending money on the military for just eight days, twelve years of free quality education could be provided for every child on the planet...


  1. Maybe, just maybe, if we took better care of the world's people we would need to spend a lot less on armies.

  2. But if we educate the children, and they learn to find intelligent solutions to the world's problems, who are we gonna fight?

    1. No worries, Graham, there will always be someone who wants someone else to fight for something the person of the first part wants.

  3. A quick Google search gave me these numbers. US annual Military Budget is $610 Billion.
    8 days gives us 13.36 Billion. Now JUST California's annual Public education budget (this does not include private schools) is 76.6 Billion.
    So 8 days of the US military Budget would cover ONLY a little over 2 months of California's education budget. SO am I to assume China and Russia and the rest of the military powers can cover the other 49 US states and the rest of the world for the remaining 11 years and 10 months? I think not. So you pretty much made a misleading MEME that everyone now is posting on Facebook thinking they are being all high and mighty about their world views.

  4. I stand corrected. I misread the component spending as total spending. TOTAL annual military spending is 3.97 Trillion. 8 days is still only 496 Billion. those 8 days will only pay for California for roughly 6 and a half years. So the MEME is still grossly inaccurate and misleading.