Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Wohnwagon. A Very Different Tiny Living Space On Wheels...

The Austrian designed and manufactured Wohnwagon meaning Living Wagon, is a very attractive larch clad mobile home that can be towed almost anywhere.
There's more about this delightful looking home on wheels here.
The roof is evidently green, the insulation is sheep wool, the toilet composting and most materials used have been recycled.
It has solar power and an elaborate solar water heater with what looks like all the bells and whistles you can imagine, very Heath Robinson, to keep the interior warm.
Maybe it's really for making alcohol. But still...


  1. Amazingly beautiful design. Love the pull out bed and what seems like quite a bit of storage for such a small space. The exterior is gorgeous too.

  2. Yes, it's gorgeous but the price tag aint. They are asking $40-100k+ for these, depending on fittings.

    1. That's why I wanna build my own.

      At that price, it should have its own engine and function like a house bus, & have a sauna & jacuzzi too.


  3. Love the outside, not the inside so much, but I'm not a very modern style sort.