Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm Looking At You...

Hey, I'm looking at you.
Wildlife portrait photographer Brad Wilson gets up-front and very personal with these and many other extraordinary beautiful portraits.
Have a look at more of Brad's simply beautiful images here and here.
He says  In the midst of our modern human civilization with all its technological complexities, animals still remain stark symbols of a simpler life and a wilderness lost. Perhaps these images can stand as a testament to this other fading world, and remind us, despite the pronounced feeling of isolation that too often characterizes our contemporary existence, that we are not alone, we are not separate. 
We are part of a beautifully rich and interconnected diversity of life.
You're right Brad. Thankyou...

1 comment:

  1. You understand. The animals look as if they have that wisdom as well.
    We are animals too.
    We share this very beautifully put together World of matter, light, nourishment and delight with all the other forms of life on our planet Earth....Jennybee