Friday, July 3, 2015

Old-Time Camping And Motorhoming In New Zealand...

Those were the days.
Motorhoming and camping in New Zealand
early last century.
It seems just like yesterday...


  1. I'm old enough to remember those Army tents with the central pole.
    My father lived in one of those, with his horse Jock,and dog Maidy, for the first year or so, on his post slump bare land block in South Otago.
    The horse stayed upright, but it was there to keep him warm. I didn't ask if it was house trained.
    He blade sheared 100 sheep a day to earn money to buy stock and develop the land.(Our farm)
    He met my mother when she was camp cook for her father and brothers when they came from Dunedin city and camped in the Blue Mountains near our farm.
    My parents camped in the Hollyford Valley in a Ford van for their honeymoon.
    Everybody went camping in those good old days.

  2. Wait... is that a ~satellite dish~ on the roof of that White coach in the first photo???

    1. Mr Sharpey, It's a hatch, a skylight. I'm sure I see a man's head to the left with his arm holding the cover open. That image was taken in 1947...

  3. What a lovely post Keith. Yes I remember the old army tents. Our extended family had one, it was put up for the summer and each family had a turn at using it, either at the beach or at a Canterbury river. I remember rolling up the sides when it got hot and digging a trench round the sides when it rained. Those certainly were the days... Simple and seemed uncomplicated.