Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shame On You Australia...

Shame on you Australia.
Shame on you Tony Abbott.
Prime Minister of The Lucky Country.
Shame on you for the despicable way you are treating thousands of boat people, refugees seeking asylum. People trying to escape the purgatory of their home countries, trying to find a better life in the so called 'civilised world'.
They didn't know when they paid all they had to people who would try and become rich at their expense, that they would be treated so inhumanely by the likes of you Abbott.
You, yes you Abbott, who paid the crew of an illegal people trafficking ship like the one pictured, thousands of dollars each to take their human cargo somewhere else. Anywhere else.
You are a despicable human being Abbott. And your forefathers Australia, before you forget, were boat people and mostly criminals being sent to the colonies by Mother England.
Their crimes pale into insignificance
next to yours Australia.
Shame on you...


  1. Dear Keith and the world,
    I apologise unreservedly for not voting for Captain Underpants and rest of the douchebags purporting to represent the great unwashed of Team 'Straya. I am deeply ashamed by the small minded arsehattery consistently displayed by our so called leaders on oh so many issues. Please forgive me and all of the caring, sensitive, creative and otherwise sensible folk who live across the ditch for not trying hard enough to install true leaders at our helm. My head remains bowed in shame until we can do better. Unfortunately, as I look at the rest of the swill in our nation's capital, I reckon that I'll be red faced for some years yet.
    Sorry world...

    1. Dear Johnno.
      You're forgiven, this time.
      Tell your mates I won't be so soft on Australia if this sort of behavior happens again...

  2. What a human tragedy and such a disregard of the value of every single human being and what they have to offer the world or in this instance Australia.
    I agree, shame on Tony Abbot and shame on Australia that as a country they are not protesting and taking more of a stand for their fellow human brothers and sisters. I'm glad I don't have to live with Abbot's conscience.