Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This Young Homeless Manila Boy Has Been Doing His School Homework By The Light Of A McDonalds Restaurant...

Young Daniel Cabrera knows hardship very well.
It's been a constant part of his short life so far.
His home was burned down and his father died. The homeless boy is seen most days begging on the streets of Manila with his mother.
But the young, intelligent and happy child
who's become an inspiration to so many after this image was aired on social media,
wants an education.
There are millions of children existing in poverty.
They will not all be seen on social media but hopefully some of them will be able to realise their dreams for a better future.
Despite stronger economic growth in recent years, approximately a quarter of the Philippines population of one hundred million live on less than one dollar a day.
Now, cash, clothes, a school scholarship and even a reading lamp have been offered to the nine year old Daniel who's become a symbol for the many children in similar neighborhoods.
And who dream of getting an education and living better lives...


  1. What a heartrending story abour a creative thinking boy with a strong will to make a difference in his own life. He is to be admired.
    In a world totally ruled of money and less compassion it's difficult to see what we privileged people can do really to make a difference for the growing number of poor and homeless people in the world.
    A little thing I could recommend is to look at 'The Little Sun Lamp' project. To buy this lamp is a little thing to do but makes a difference to children and poor people as Daniel.

    1. Thankyou Hanne. Yes the Little Sun is a solar LED lamp by Olafur Eliasson. It's a beautiful little product and is making a huge difference to those without electricity in third world countries. There's more about it here...

  2. Unfortunately they might then need an armed guard to watch that the led lamp is not stolen. The social needs are never as simple as buying an answer.

  3. I am about to leave the US and live in the Philippines for a while again. Been doing that now for the past 4 years, each time spending more months in the Philippines, where I was born. Poverty IS rampant there and everyday you see it on the streets. It is a cheap place to live at and for us who are financially strapped, it can be a boon which is why there's a lot of Americans down there living on a budget.