Sunday, July 5, 2015

Drop Everything. Surf's Up...

When the Surf's Up call comes,
you drop everything and go for it.
Guess she'll realise she got something wrong any minute now...


  1. I love the shower cap and all....Jennybee

  2. How about a picture taken a little later? I would love to see her surf on that!!

  3. The lady knows a good housewife has to be prepared for ironing at all times. - And to protect the curly hair the hairdresser just made. But she forgot to take her moccasins off.

  4. Thanks Hanne for reminding Keith that women are more complex than men and are professional multi-taskers. He forgot that a woman's work is never done irregardless of surf being up and she decided to mix a little fun with her chores. No doubt she's also a minimalist which means her possessions are multi-purpose, thus the ironing board/surf board. You see, if a large boat can float, so can an ironing board. Then, if she wants to do some fishing, she can hook the board's legs to a reef, take out the fishing gear from under her shower cap and bring home dinner too. She's also washing her slippers while having a little fun. This lady is a treasure.