Sunday, May 24, 2015

We Are What We Eat...

These fun flags were made from foods associated with the eighteen different countries
represented at an International Food Festival at Australia's Sydney some time ago.
There's Italy with basil, pasta and tomatoes. Brazil with banana leaf, limes, pineapple
and passionfruit.
India with curries, rice and pappadum wafer. Japan, so simple with it's tuna and rice. Greece and its Kalamata olives and Feta cheese. Lebanon with Lavash, Fattoush and herbs.Vietnam and Rabutan, lychee and startfruit. Australia and its meat pie, pastry
and tomato sauce.
South Korea and its Kumbap and sauces. The United Kingdom and its scone, cream and jam.
France with blue cheese, brie and grapes. China with Pittaya/dragon fruit and Starfruit.
The US. Hot Dogs of course with ketchup,
cheese and mustard.
Indonesia with spicy curry and rice. Turkey and its Turkish Delight. Spain and Chorizo and rice. Thailand with sweet chilli sauce, Blue Swimmer Crab and shredded coconut. And there's Switzerland with Charcoteries and Emmental.
We may very well be what we eat...


  1. OK, now you went and made me hungry!!!

  2. Some of them look delicious. what was New Zealand represented by?

    1. New Zealand wasn't represented
      but I'm thinking what our national dish might be.
      Any suggestions?

  3. And nobody claimed Snow Crab legs, my absolute favorite. Steamed with a heavy sprinkle of Old Bay and my homemade cocktail sauce. Yum! Or the southern favorite Blue Crab claws. Then there is always Mud Bugs, Craw Dads the Cajun way, boiled with the proper seasoning.

    Wade in NW Florida

    And Japan could have done some sushi.

  4. It's so embarrassing to be American dogs. Yep. Wade from NW Florida should have made our flag!