Friday, May 15, 2015

Michael Ostaski's Latest Beautiful Traditionally Styled Wooden House On Wheels...

This is the second rather wonderful wooden house on wheels Michael has built for himself. You may recall this previous one he lived in for eighteen years. This, his latest, is a 1999 Sterling House truck.
There's more about it here and like most things in this world, it's for sale.
I guess he wants to build another one...


  1. Do you mean to suggest that in this world even such a thing as *love* is for sale - love that's nearly still unspoiled, love that's only slightly soiled? Scandalous!

    Everything's good except the sash windows. I like the spiral columns. It'd be nice to see some shots of the interior.


    1. Check the link Val for some interior shots.
      I did say most things but love for sale, it's an interesting concept...