Saturday, May 2, 2015

Underhill. A Magical Little Hobbit House Down Under...

Underhill is a gorgeous, magical little tiny cave-like house, wait a minute, it is a cave.
But also a beautiful cosy rustic home to live in or a place to perchance visit for a while.
It's got no electricity and folk wishing to stay in this wonderful escape-hole are asked to leave their intrusive phones and computers behind.
So next time you're down under in New Zealand's Waikato area, check out this incredible little Hobbit House which is the realised dream of Graham Hannah who originally built it for him and his family. Now it's owned by his daughter who runs it as a boutique B&B.
You may want to stay forever...


  1. What a divine hippie hang out. I bet it was dreamed up in the 60s or early 70s. We all loved those outdoor baths with real fire underneath and lots of petals floating on the perfumed water for decency, instead of togs.
    I bet it isn't hippie prices now though! ...Jennybee

  2. Pretty magical indeed! I'd love to stay there for a night or six. If I win the lottery, I think I shall.