Monday, May 25, 2015

The Ecocapsule. A Very Beautiful Practical Off Grid Living Pod For Two...

The Ecocapsule. A beautiful, practical, off grid, self contained, 86 sq ft living pod for two people.
Who're happy to have their lives go egg shaped.
It's got all the things that make life work, solar, wind generation, toilet, water collection and storage, a good bed, a compact kitchen. It can be transported in a shipping container or you can tow it. There's more about it here and here.
The Ecocapsule. It's so much better than
life going pear shaped..


  1. Wow, what an impressive wee home with up to the minute facilities.
    Shame it is in Bratislavia.....Jennybee

  2. I love to see things like this -not that I'd want to buy one, but using it for ideas to build my own -now that's something!

  3. Sort of a well designed and built teardrop trailer

  4. This is *very* similar to things that I wish to design and build, only using more natural materials. These sorts of shelters or the like could be disported about the landscape in aesthetically and socially harmonious ways: a far preferable arrangement to, say, trailer park slums whose landlords jack the rent up year by year, squeezing the life blood out of their ever more impoverished tenants.

    With such thinking, we could *so* easily solve the shelter problems associated with homelessness. It's really our property arrangements that prevent it. I want to see a world full of happy freedom campers, yurt dwellers and housetruck nomads, not miserable wage slaves and poverty-stricken pensioners who are justifiably terrified that they won't be able to afford the rudiments of life.

    There is much work to do!


    1. You're right Val and thankyou.
      I like your thinking...

  5. Oohh. I love it. I would love one on the beach - as long as the tide doesn't come in too far.
    You could probably hang one in a tree and have a tree-hut.