Thursday, May 21, 2015

So You Thought Goats Couldn't Climb Trees...

If you thought goats couldn't climb trees,
think again and have a look here at the tree climbing goats of Morocco.
You may well be excused for thinking that these goats grow on trees and in one way they do.
They're not there for the view but the food. They just love the fruit of the Argan tree whose fruit ripens in June each year. These Argan trees live up to two hundred years and they've given many generations of these Moroccan goats many years to adopt their sure footed climbing abilities.
And you thought goats couldn't climb trees...


  1. Amazing!
    The Argan trees look prickley as well.
    Just shows the length which hungry goats will go to, to get a tasty meal. And goats are always hungry....Jennybee

  2. Goats are little terrors. I had a neighbour once who had two angora goats. They were always escaping from the fence off area, by climbing the 9ft fence! Once out they ate all the vegs from the garden!

  3. We shouldn't underestimate what animals can do.

  4. Well this is surprising, I must say.

  5. Goats can climb anything. When I was raising a handful (and they were a handful), I routinely found them in the hayloft, 12 feet above the barn. We always removed the ladder; I have no idea how they climbed up there.
    Little goat kids jumped their 6-foot fence, and went to dance on the roof of my car. What a racket!

  6. This comes as no surprise. If a tortoise can fly, why would tree climbing goats be so unusual?