Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Fibonacci Sequence And The Incredibly Intricate Geometry Of Nature...

There's a fascinating piece on The Geometry of Plants over on Amusing Planet. It's all about Nature working to it's own strict laws
on design, pattern and form.
Then there's the incredible sequence named after the Italian mathematician Leonardi of Pisa, known more famously as The Fibonacci Sequence. Now this is amazing.
The Fibonacci Sequence is so incredible
that it's almost impossible to find a plant that doesn't conform to its intricate design specifications. And there's the other manifestation of The Fibonacci Sequence,
The Golden Ratio. You may have heard of it.
It's fascinating stuff...


  1. How beautiful. The universe captured in form and matter.

  2. And man is vein enough to think he invented geometry.

  3. Eh, it's all been Photoshopped, I tells ya....

  4. Amazing patterns and designs... And all made by? Well only the creator God's intelligent enough in my estimation.