Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Baby Home On Wheels Or A Home On Wheels For A Baby...

It's probably neither a baby mobile home or a mobile home for a baby complete with a tiny woodburner. It's more like a ventilated perambulator being used during the second World War perhaps in the UK and the person doing the pushing is not wearing the latest fashion facewear by choice...


  1. Poor Nanny, having to wear a gas mask.
    Not much fun for her or the baby.
    I guess she gets some exercise, but neither get any fresh air. The pram looks more like a coffin on wheels. Ugh.....Jennybee

  2. A fore-runner of a nuclear fall-out shelter maybe?

  3. With a different outfit the photo of mother and pram could illustrate a recent scene from one of the big cities in China - not because of gas but because of pollution.