Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Have You Heard The One About The Ninety Year Old Legless Tortoise...

Mrs T, so the story goes according to Jude Ryder, the ninety year old pet tortoise's owner, became legless one night. Not because she was binging on the gin but because she was having her annual winter sleepy hibernation out in the garden shed. She was attacked by an unknown rat who chewed off her front legs.
A nasty business and a costly one at the vet for Jude and the now stationary Mrs T.
Fortunately Jude's son and mechanical engineer Dale came up with the bright idea of fitting a set of model aircraft wheels to Mrs T's shell and now as you can see hare, we have the world's first turbo-charged tortoise. Whatever next...


  1. That is too bad it got caught in that net. They are magnificent creatures.

  2. I followed some links on the turtle site and found the whale site.

  3. Looks like Mrs T might need a retread in the next 90 years or so....Jennybee

  4. It's amazing that Mrs.T at such a ripe old age survived the horrible loss of her legs and has continued her life propelled by those wheels. (wheelchair?) Animals can be a great role model for people of any age.