Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Japanese Schools Get Top Marks For Teaching Their Students Life Lessons...

Most Japanese schools don't employ cleaners
or janitors so as you'll see here, the idea has caught on as students, not only in Japan, keep their schools clean and tidy themselves.
The Japanese education system believes that requiring students to clean their school themselves teaches respect, responsibility
and encourages equality.
Good life lessons...


  1. This is a lesson other countries should learn because book learning is just a small part of what makes up an educated and valuable citizen anywhere in the world.

  2. Great idea.
    The cleaner and the gardener are equal human beings to the lecturer or doctor or engineer.
    In many was their lifestyle is more enviable, as they have no exhausting rat race to chase the capital gains super fairy with their disposable income.
    The menial among us can be envied for their achievement of a satisfying life, including pride in a job well done, where family and simple pleasures dominate.
    Respect for all is important.It is the only way to achieve balance and harmony in society....Jennybee

  3. We something like that in Danish schools. To let the pupils know the pleasure of teamwork and to be responsible of your own "shit".

  4. They sugar-coat it nicely, but isn't this child labour?

    1. in other countries this is child labor in japan this is discipline,