Sunday, May 17, 2015

Picasso's Women Of Algiers Sells At Auction For An Obscene One Hundred And Eighty Million Dollars...

Pablo Picasso's painting Women Of Algiers
sold recently at a Christies New York auction for an obscene one hundred and eighty million dollars. It previously sold eighteen years ago for thirty two million dollars. There's money to be made from art. And money as we well know is much more important than human beings.
In India, seven thousand people die of stavation every day and there are nearly eight hundred million other people on this planet starving to death too, many of them, women of Algiers...


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  2. How sadly true, Keith.
    I love Picasso's painting and have never sen it until now.
    This would be because it has been in a private collection.The sad thing about that is that this beautiful art work has not been on public show, where members of the general public could have been inspired and had their spirits lifted by it.
    This painting has never been loved for anything other than it's monetary value. Poor stored artwork, kept in a lock-up, all dark and lonely.
    The profit that could be made from it's sale more important to it's owners than it's aesthetic value.
    The other annoying aspect of the inflated sale of such a painting is that it puts a monetary value in the eyes of the beholders of all well known art works in Galleries all around the World, skewing the meaning of art in general, and taking away from the heart felt joy which can be experienced when seeing these beautiful paintings which were done by their deservedly famous artists.
    A bad example for the younger generation, putting the paintings in the "greed" basket, which I am sad to say is the result of a rampant capitalist system.
    Of course if the profit from the sale of the painting could have been funnelled into the WHO or UNICEF and the people of the World were told about that, then the sale of the painting at such an obscene price would have been helpful, as filthy lukre still buys food....Jennybee.

  3. I never like his artwork. I want a painting to look like what it is representing.

  4. Have you ever noticed that "priceless" and "worthless" can so often be used in place of one another?

  5. Jennybee's right. Being reduced to an investment racket isn't good for art.