Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sonya Plans To Row Her Tiny Boat Six Thousand Miles Across the Pacific From Choshi, Japan To San Francisco...

Sonya Baumstein could have flown as most people do from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco, but no, she's the sort of twenty eight year old who likes a challenge and wasn't in a hurry. Which is fortunate because rowing the
six thousand nautical miles voyage in her specially designed little twenty three foot craft, described here, is going to take
more than a few days.
If you can dream it, you can do it...


  1. . . . and there I was feeling good about rowing my little boat a few miles around my lake.

  2. People who go out of their way looking for challenges have always amazed me. Hope Sonya hasn't bitten off more than she can chew but if she doesn't follow her dream she'll spend the rest of her life regretting this opportunity. Many of us here in the audience will be cheering her on all the way. Finish or not, she's already a winner for trying.

  3. Brave girl - or stupid. She reminds me of the Dutch girl who circumnavigated the world on her own in a small boat. Real adventurers. I admire them.