Monday, May 18, 2015

Lina's Gorgeous Little 'Lucky Penny' House In Portland...

Lina Menard lives in her very cute, wonderfully wooden, little one hundred square foot 'Lucky Penny' house in a Tiny House Community in Portland Oregon.
This warm and inviting little home is not only a visual delight. Have a look here at Lloyd's Shelter Blog, it's full of good ideas too...


  1. I just love that little 100square feet house with everything in it.
    I really appreciated the tour through her home on Lloyd's Shelter blog. It explains so well how everything one would ever need can be paked in elegantly and conveniently to this small space.Even a cat!....Jennybee

  2. A beautiful and cute little home. Lina's ideas behind building it on "Loyd's Shelter blog' were very interesting and inspirational.

  3. Looks like no place to sit or eat, no stove or burners, and no bathroom. It's cute--but cute only goes so far...