Sunday, February 1, 2015

Your Star Sign As You've Never Seen It Before...

In an incredible series he completed in 2013,
artist and illustrator Damon Hellandbrand re-imagined every sign of the zodiac
as a monster.
Damon the forty year old Aquarius, says the zodiac signs were a wonderful way for him to take something familiar to everyone and place his own twists and bizarre imaginings to them.
And he did. Will you recognise yours?
Will you recognise you...


  1. Tenth from the top is a handsome devil.........

  2. I agree about the nightmare impression, but it is very good cartoon artwork in the popular sex-monster vein.
    Well done from the artistic point of view.
    I get the star signs myself I think 100%, but I don't know why they aren't identified. Not everybody knows them well....... Jennybee.

  3. Bizarre imaginings alright!

  4. These strange drawings really can be upsetting but what fabulous imagination. Not just that but to be able to draw such things is truly a gift.

  5. When Libra weighs my soul in her scales of Justice, I'm afraid I will be found wanting.

  6. What was he smoking??? They are hideous! The "real" signs are lovely & enchanting in their own way; his interpretations are grotesque & demonic.

  7. I think it is innovative. We all have a shadow side. This is demonstrated here. I know some astrology and could identify them. Fascinating.