Monday, February 9, 2015

This Story Of Alan Barnes And His Fairy Godmother Katie Cutler May Help Restore Your Faith In Humanity...

Humanity is capable of much love and kindness and as we keep seeing with shocking frequency, much hatred and brutality.
This beautiful story of little Alan Barnes and his Fairy Godmother Katie Cutler may help to restore some faith in humanity.
This is a story of someone less fortunate being found by someone more fortunate. And how both their lives have been enriched by what started out with Alan being brutally mugged outside his home, to Katie making a simple and random act of kindness that has changed both their lives. And it will bring some hope and joy to those who take a moment to read more here.
Thanks Katie. You're a beautiful person...


  1. Lovely story that affirms the good side of humanity. Thank you for that.... We need to hear positive things...

  2. What a big heart she has, hope they become lifetime friends.

  3. Almost every facet of this story is lovely, including his spunkiness of heart and spirit. Much to learn from both of them.

  4. Mr Barnes, on learning the fund had grown to £330,000 asked her to close it as it was by far enough and he thought people could give money to other causes instead.In todays shallow world how many people would choose to do this.
    On a sidenote apparently they have caught the lowlife that mugged him. I won't hold my breath for an appropriate sentence though!

  5. Such a wonderful story! It truly made my day and I'll be forwarding it to everyone I know.