Sunday, February 15, 2015

You'll Do As I Say Or Else...

The US President Barak Obama tells New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, which way to jump, when to jump and how high.
Unfortunately this cynical view is not far from
the truth with Prime Minister Key's policies increasing social inequalities and the wealth of New Zealanders already very rich.
While making sure the poor remain poor thus taking this once egalitarian society further and further away from the caring one it used to be.
And you'll do what I tell you John, or else I won't let you play golf with me again. Ok...


  1. You really don't want to be a mini version of the US right now. We've got a few little things to sort out . . .

  2. I think we should ship him to New Zealand, you guys down under have had it too easy, it is our turn.

  3. Wall Street's claymation marionette lays down the law to Mini Me.

    Are landowners down under selling significant chunks of the country to wealthy foreigners - for example, to Hong Kong investors? If so, you might want to keep an eye on that.