Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Air Wheel. A Fun Way To Get From Here To There And Back Again...

The Air Wheel, it's a fun way to get from A to B, perhaps even to C and D, if you're really adventurous, to G or even Q and if you're lucky, back home again.
It will take more than a couple of minutes
to learn to ride but more than three hundred thousand of the Chinese made machines have been sold at 429 British pounds each since the product hit the pavements last year.
There's more about it here.
Walking evidently is just so last century...


  1. I saw a guy riding one of those in Ponsonby yesterday, and must admit I did a double take!

  2. If you can walk....Walk, it's much better for health & will make you live longer, if you've lost mobility this may be great, otherwise walk the old fashioned way...IMHO

    1. On the other hand, using all of your muscles to keep balance on this would be another excellent means of passive exercise. Until tomorrow, at least!