Thursday, February 19, 2015

France Offers Its Petrol And Diesel Drivers Up To Ten Thousand Euros If They Change To Electric Cars...

The French Government is about to change the taxes on petrol and diesel so it can offer incentives encouraging car users to give up their petrol and diesel powered cars for electric ones.
Starting in April, France will offer a bonus of up to ten thousand Euros, around US$11,400, to the over eighty percent of those who drive diesel cars and the more than fifty seven percent of those who drive petrol cars.
This offer will apply to vehicles that are more than thirteen years old and aren't equipped with modern particle filters.
All this in an effort to reduce the country's high level of toxic air pollution...
Seems like a deal too good to drive past...


  1. Wow! How guilty I feel about the filthy old diesel engine that gets me around.....

  2. I have a electric assisted pedal bike, so when I first read this report , the image of french truckers pedaling their trucks flashed before me.......


  3. Cheap older used cars are going to be very popular. There will be a brisk turnover in them.

  4. Sounds like a good thing. The French will soon be breathing cleaner air.

  5. Where will the electricity come from? Solar panels? In the United States, 60 percent of electricity comes from burning coal. In France, I guess it's more likely to be nuclear power. So though Paris may be spared some air pollution, the overall ecological picture probably isn't all that much improved. I don't wish to be a bummer, but to meaningfully deal with such issues it's essential to think in terms of whole systems.

    The French are often very enterprising in terms of developing new technologies, or refurbishing excellent old ones. It was a French guy who created the first solar steam engine. They've made the fastest sailboats in the world. And a French company has developed what appears to be a viable compressed air-powered car, whose air tanks I fancy could probably be adapted to replenish on wind or solar power-based devices. I'd like to see more of that sort of thing all over the planet.