Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oooh Look Dear, There's A Car Parked Upside Down, Come Along Children...

Oooh look at that dear, someone's parked their car upside down, that could be dangerous,
come along children.
It's alright madam, it's the latest of Alex Chinneck's mind bending art installations. Alex from Hackney has a habit of creating some unusual pieces of art but this one wasn't an easy concept to accomplish.
All it required was more than a modicum of ingenuity from a team of structural engineers, steel benders, scenic artists, carpenters, metal workers, tarmac layers and road markers and there you have it. A new tomato red Corsa suspended four and a half meters off the ground for Vauxhall Motor's new product launch at London's Southbank.
The installation's on display until February 25 and it's called Pick Yourself Up and Pull Yourself Together. Come on children hurry up.
We don't want to miss it...