Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fishing. If Only It Was Really This Easy...

Salmon fishing made easy.
The Alaskan Brown Bear has Salmon fishing figured. From July to September they make their way to Brooks Falls on the river of the same name which runs through Alaska's Katmai National Park. Then as the spawning salmon negotiate the small easily jumped six feet high falls, the cunning bears are waiting to scoop them into their mouths with a skill developed over the years.
Others just seem to open their mouths and the fish jump right on in. Fast food to go.
There's more here.
If only fishing was really this easy...


  1. I don't know if I'd call it easy, perching on the brink of a powerful waterfall in hopes of catching leaping fish in my mouth. But I'm very fond of salmon, so I might try it anyway.

  2. It IS really this easy--if you're a bear!... By the way, Keith--how and where do you get all of your material?

    1. Some of the material is original Byron, some sourced from world media and re-presented in my way and some from an idea that's then researched and presented in my style...