Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Car Makers Are Needing To Design Cars To Cater For The Obese Driver...

It's not a new problem.
It's been around a while but it's getting worse.
And the future prognosis is bad.
The 'Futurologist' at the giant US car manufacturer Ford, says cars of the future are having to be rethought and redesigned to cater for the, for the, for the, fortheobesedriver.   There, I've said it, quickly so hopefully
it didn't offend anyone.
And as they become larger and heavier, their reaction times also become slower which means their driving skills are impaired. Some people who can't reverse without mirrors also can't turn their bodies in their seats or turn their heads
to look behind them.
And evidently a 'fat' driver is more than three times likely to die in an accident
than a healthy driver.
It doesn't all bode well for the future.
And the future is now...


  1. We, here at my house, can still fit comfortably behind the wheel.

  2. For some reason my mind went back to the old TV show Cannon with William Conrad trying to get in and out of his big Lincoln.

  3. I wonder if over eating is a compulsion like smoking.
    Perhaps there should be a ban on eating in public places, as there is on smoking.
    It might make eating at home more popular, and even eating around a table and learning the art of converstion might be encouraged.
    Much more healthy.
    I think social intercourse is the way towards peace in the World.... Jennybee

  4. Some people can't help being fat, for various medical reasons. In countries where kids are no longer allowed to go out and play unsupervised, I suppose a certain amount of otherwise avoidable obesity is bound to happen, especially when those deploying the grocery budget think that Cheez Whiz is food. Long ago I had an aunt, a very nice lady, who underwent elective surgery to "cure" her of being fat. It killed her.

  5. It's not just the's lack of exercise.

  6. Very few fatties got that way because of a medical condition or genetic propensity. There IS a term for it: Gluttony!!! My gorgeous cousin, perfect face & figure, married a college love who had been gaining about 10 lbs a it was not noticeable. He brought fast food & goodies home every night &, after 5 yrs, she's obese, diabetic & overfeeding her twins .Both parents are too fat to even walk comfortably so all 4 of them spend their "family time" watching tv, using the PCs & eating junk. It breaks my heart! They will all die too young.

    1. Anonymous, what evidence do have to support your contention that "very few" fatties got that way due to genetic or medical causes? Can you cite some methodologically sound academic statistical studies?

      One point I am trying to make is that laying heavy judgement on the overweight when you don't happen to know their personal history is not particularly helpful and does nothing constructive to resolve the problem.

      That said, your cousin's husband is certainly blameworthy, particularly in that he is setting up his own children for diabetes and shorter life expectancy. Gluttony and stupidity clearly play a major role in such cases.

  7. When I was obesely pregnant with my son another very pregnant friend and I went out to eat...we decided that restaurants needed a 'pregnant' woman section...of course, that went away, in overdue time.

  8. Val, my godfather is an MD & specializes in obesity. He & his staff have conducted research studies, using hundreds of volunteers, & studying every dna string, hormone, human created chemical, nerve impulse & cell, searching for a legitimate cause for obesity. Only a tiny fraction of these thousands who were followed for months or years, have some deficiency or abnormality that causes their obesity. These tests have been ongoing for over 50 years at medical centers at Harvard, Mayo, UCLA & almost every medical school in the US, as well as pharmaceutical co's hoping to find a miracle pill, & the results are the same. GLUTTONY!