Monday, February 23, 2015

The Beautiful Stone Slave Huts Of Bonaire...

It's highly unlikely the slaves that were accommodated in these stone huts with no headroom would have considered their design to be beautiful. And they probably didn't get too much time to appreciate the beautiful views and the stunning beachfront locations of the dwellings they were forced to crawl in and out of.
There's more about them here.
Now restored to almost their original state when they were built, these huts are a poignant reminder of one of the darkest periods in the Caribbean's history...


  1. Amusing Planet is a good link catch , Thank you

  2. At least they had a roof over their heads and could fall asleep listening to the pounding of the surf.

  3. These sound 'small' in your text but just look like houses. How tall are they?

  4. Awful. It's ironic the the same materials and building tech could be used to make beautiful little houses, fit for happy & dignified human habitation, in the exact same spot. Clearly the intention and philosophy behind a building make a whole lotta difference to the results.

  5. Slavery is an awful, humiliating situation. Perhaps these tiny houses and the music from the sea was the most heartening elements in the life of the slaves, Slavery seem to be over and done in the Caribbean areas.
    In Denmark there still are different sorts of slavery. As an example women from Africa, Asia or the Baltic countries are living in cellars or small dark rooms in isolated houses delivering sex to those who will pay. And they don't even have the sea to derive them comfort.

  6. Looking at the photos from the website that have people next to the huts a person could stand upright inside of them under the peak of the roof. But the door openings were described as being no higher than a man's waist and that looks to be the case.

    1. Yes Karin, it seems to me that it's possible to stand up in them even though the entrance may be low...

  7. Strangely beautiful but sinister.