Friday, February 20, 2015

New Zealander Saeed Ghandhari Could Be One Of The First Four People In The World To Go And Live On Mars. Forever...

Saeed Ghandhari from New Zealand has been named among the one hundred whittled down from more than two hundred thousand hopefuls who applied to go and live on Mars. Forever.
Mars One Mission doesn't have a plan
for a return journey.
Getting there is proving difficult enough.
I've been a successful migrant on Earth, I think
I would be a good migrant on Mars too said the adventurist Saeed. I believe I've got the qualifications and personal credentials to be one of the first four who will go and live on
the Red Planet. Forever. There's more here.
Good luck Saeed. Good luck to all of you...


  1. Seriously I think his is just part of he great American dream.
    If others among the thousands of applicants were like Karl Burnett, whos reasons for applying were to shit on another planet and become an evil Dictator, elimination, pardon the pun, would have been easy.
    The fact that so far the interiews have only been on line, and the projected lift off is 11 years way, the prospective candidates would be a passing parade, as they age and the date is pushed further into the future, as it surely will be.
    Who are they taking to build their Dome?
    I agree, good luck Saheed.....Jennybee

  2. Jennybee : this is a possibility :
    And we in GWN have one as well :
    Crazy or not ( don't get me started on the etyomology of "lunacy" please ) , more power to them, this is the sort of thing that can alter lives whether they actually go or not.

  3. Are they going to live on Mars or are they going there to die?

  4. Wow!! That is one great big telescope he has there. Makes my biggest one (the one with the 16" dia. mirror) look like toy.

  5. Six bears , it's a one way trip , to do or die,

  6. I can think of a few better candidates to send. Let's start with the war mongers, and the no-chance of rehabilitation prisoners, etc.