Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sabine Hellenbrandt. The German Tourist Who Came Back To New Zealand For More...

New Zealand is a country much loved and traveled by Europeans and German tourists especially. There seem to be hundreds of them here at any one time. I meet a lot of them and am delighted to be good friends with many.
The last time Sabine was here, she made headlines by falling many meters down a West Coast glacier in New Zealand's South Island and needing to be rescued. By a strange twist she had just been in Thailand where she learned Vepassana meditation which was a huge strength for her survival while she waited in much pain those many hours in the cold to be rescued. It was a very enlightening experience she told me when I saw her in the beautiful Far North recently. Sabine was on her way south to meet and celebrate her return with her rescuers, now her friends...


  1. Sabine had a very lucky escape on the Glacier.
    When ever I travel and want to go climbing, or going off road I contact the local Tramping or Alpine club or Kayak group.
    It is folly to venture anywhere without a local guide.
    My now ex husband was a guide on the Fox Glacier in his youth, but wouldn't go on any Glacier or climb without someone with recent local knowledge. There is always a group one can join, to share the expense. It is worth it to err on the side of caution. Jennybee

  2. Great that she's going to revisit the glacier. I'd love to know if she notices a difference as it is retreating.

  3. What a wonderful story. The best ever because it has a happy ending.

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