Thursday, February 26, 2015

Olivia Mead. What A Greedy Little Girl You Are...

I know it's none of my business Olivia and you can act like a spoilt little brat if you like but I read about you suing your half sisters for a bigger slice of your late father's cake.
I'm sure your father, Michael Wright, who lived a frugal life style even though he was the son of a legendary Australian mining pioneer, thought the A$3million he left you in his will
was more than adequate.
But no you greedy little minx, you want more. Another seventeen million so you can have a A$2.5m home in Perth, five pairs of A$5,000 shoes a year, a diamond studded guitar, a A$40,000 holiday each year, A$10,000 for handbags, A$400 for weekly restaurant bills, A$300 a week for clothes, A$150 a week for fine wine, an A$1.6m crystal encrusted Kuhn Boesendorfer grand piano, an Audi car, oodles of money for the children you're planning to have and thousands of dollars for your pets including an Axoloti which is a Mexican walking fish,
a Neotonic Salamander.
Her lawyer who if her claim succeeds, stands to make, let's see, anyway, he says she's not a spoilt child and her demands aren't excessive.
But it looks like greed has won. Again...


  1. I was an only child and I thought that I was spoiled!!

    1. She hasn't been spoiled yet Dizzy Dick. She gets the $3 mill when she's 30. Jennybee

    2. It's a sad reflection on our western society that the ludicrous dreams of a hurt teenager reach World wide media attention when she asks for more.
      Is it because so many of us actually are jealous of these Billionaires and covet their posessions?
      Or is it because we feel that she should be satisfied with the generous legacy which her father has bequeathed to her at age 30.
      I think that the case could have been handled much better by her legal team if she had asked for money to set up a welfare fund for Ethiopian children.
      Not Aborigial children of course.
      That would have been totally ignored by any Australian courts.
      If she does win anything extra in this case she might just give it all to charity, or form a Rock Band and live the "Good life" for a while.
      She seems to have good parents and goes to the expensive Notre Dame Uni in the USA, and can afford to pay for a legal team, so she is not poor to begin with.
      But being a love child to anybody, let alone a Millionaire could be a mind bending experience.
      The lesson she hasn't learned is that money won't buy you love.

  2. When she inherits her fortune, she should be required to donate a substantial portion of it to worthy and struggling artists. In fact this should be a universal policy for large inheritances, practiced globally. (Just a little disinterested message from your sponsor.)

  3. So, spoilt brat ended up with $25mill:
    $300 per week for clothes - I dont spend that much on clothes in a year, let alone take $40k holidays. Where's my silver spoon?.

  4. Perhaps Madonna had the right idea:

    "More is better than nothing and nothing's better than more"

    But then Cyndi Lauper has some sage advice as well:

    "Money changes everything"

    1. And it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor as long as you've got money...

  5. Hey, a million isn't what it used to be.

    Sheesh. There are people with real problems out there.

  6. Her expenses almost rival our President O's. We have never had a president who took $1 million vacations, even when our economy was booming, but O felt entitled even tho' people were losing their jobs, homes, could no longer afford insurance he crammed down our throats--- & even using Air Force 2 & burning thousands of $ in gas, for his dog & his $125,000 dog handler. Muslims cannot have contact with dogs.