Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love. It's A Precious Thing...

Love. It's a precious thing.
Happy Valentines Day...


  1. 12 hours behind you in NZ - here on Valentines in Denmark i discover you have got no comments on a very important matter - love.
    If we understand Valentines day as a day for buisnessmen it's perhaps understandable. But I believe the day could give all of us an opportunity to reflect on our own acting in love. This week I joined an event with H.H. Dalai Lama in Copenhagen. He talked about having self-confidence and strenght to develop infinite love and compassion. Good things to think about on Valentines day.
    An american scientist made an experiment in Copenhagen and found out that the level of the love hormone Oxytocin did increase with 27,5% when men made a compliment or gave a gift to their sweethearts. The scientist concluded: Generousity makes you happy. So let's celebrate Valentines day.
    Love to you Keith - and your followers

  2. & a fragile thing, so guard it carefully.