Friday, January 23, 2015

For Some, Life Begins When They're A Golden Oldie...

Russian photojournalist Vladimir Yakovlev has traveled much of the world searching for older people who've discovered new found hobbies and activities for his Age of Happiness series.
Vladimir hopes to change people's usual perception of life after retirement and promote positive aging.
There's the eighty six year old competitive ice skater, our very own Lloyd Kahn who started skateboarding at sixty five, a seventy eight year old lady skydiver, the sixty one year old osteoporosis sufferer who pole dances, the ninety two year old ballet dancer, the seventy eight year old card magician, the eighty six year old gymnast, the seventy five year old aikido experts and the seventy three year old
flexible man.
They dreamt it and they're doing it...


  1. Wow, now you made me feel bad for just sitting here in my rocker/recliner most of the day.

  2. Does pushing 64 qualify as a sport activity? I'm still a little too young for ice skating.

  3. Add to your list a 70 year old " off the grid" House Busser who pulled in a 6 foot Stingray after a 2 1/2 hour fight, using his Surf caster, and a 77 year old Auckland woman who joined the mosh pit of mainstreet Party/Dive Island Gili Trawangan and sustained minor rib dammage inflicted by an over enthusiastic large Italian who was a fellow reveler at 5am New Years day while dancing and singing in the New Year! hee hee.....Jennybee

  4. Fantastic...the 86 year old Gymnast wins hands down (for me)

  5. Recently saw a 96 year old woman Yogi. Amazing!