Wednesday, January 14, 2015

All Is Forgiven Charlie...

Twelve members of Charlie Hebdo's staff may have been murdered just days ago but that is no reason for the irreverent satirical magazine to shut its doors, roll over and die.
Their latest cover published today, features cartoonist Renald Luzier and depicts the Prophet Muhammad, a tear on his cheek, saying 'tout est pardonne', all is forgiven. I am Charlie.
Today's edition will have a print run of three million copies and will be available in sixteen languages thanks to financial donations by Google and the French media. Charlie's production run is usually around sixty thousand.
The pen may well be mightier than the sword but this latest cover will no doubt fan the flames of a fire that is not likely to be extinguished ...


  1. Progress! I hope and pray that the common herd will identify with the staff of Charlie's Magazine.
    The work of the pen will live.That's the best bit.
    But don't ask me for my opinion regarding mass hysteria. You ask?...
    If you are talking about "sides" using the UN as a definition of areas of difference, We in NZ are grouped among "developed" countries, including North America and Western Europe.The near and Middle East is the area of the terrorists. I think both areas are equally liable to resort to mass hysteria, leading to lack of self control and rational thought, and thus possible war.
    As a people we Humans have a way to go before we can put weaponry behind us.

  2. This is a sensitive time. Charlie Hebdo continues to assert their right to insensitively wield the pen. I think Muslims in non-muslim countries are having a difficult time right now and continuing to flaunt what is to them a blasphemous cartoon can't help the understanding and solidarity we all need achieve if we are to stand against ISIL terrorism.

    1. Yes PB you are right. Charlie Hebdo is continuing to insensitively wield the pen as they consider it their right to do.
      And yes continuing to do so will further inflame an already explosive situation.
      We have a situation where there are and will be no winners. Unfortunately we will all end up losers...

    2. We don't need to be winners and losers - We just need to remember that we are all brothers and sisters sharing the same planet....

    3. We are brothers and sisters sharing the same planet and yes we do need reminding of that. Thankyou...

  3. We should republish every satirical cartoon that Charlie Hebdo published again and again. I don't like all of the statements his mag made but I will defend his right to say them. If we let fear stop freedom of speech, all freedom WILL be lost.