Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mike Hudson, The Vandog Traveller Has Everything He Needs And Very Little He Doesn't...

Mike Hudson aka The Vandog Traveller has everything he needs and very little he doesn't.
Like all of us, all he needs is enough and unlike most of us, enough is all he has.
He's one smart young man.
Like many, he longed to escape the monotony of work and everyday routines, the rat race for wont of a better phrase, and have a life filled with travel and adventure.
Some are able to do this. Some aren't.
Mike was.
He knew that if he dreamed it, he could do it and in 2013, quit his job as a systems engineer, gave away most of his worldly possessions and set about converting a rundown, ten year old van into a wonderful tiny home on wheels.
Congratulations Vandog Traveller.
You will inspire many...


  1. "Enough is enough, so easy to say & so hard to do.

  2. He has even been able to squeeze a toilet and shower in...

  3. You have found a kindred soul in Vandog, Keith.
    Especially significant that he is so young.

  4. Good for him. It just takes one decision so why don't I? Pip