Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Richest One Percent Owns Half The World's Wealth...

And by 2016 says Oxfam's Executive Director Winnie Byanyima, they will own more than the other ninety nine percent put together and she implores the world leaders to act urgently
against inequality.
I really don't think they're listening Winnie and nor do they want to hear a thing you're saying. They're not prepared to walk the talk, certainly not while there's arms to manufacture and sell to every man and his dog, not while there's oil to fight wars over and certainly not until they've finished feathering their own nests thankyou very much. And the world's billion poorest who live on less than $1.25 a day aren't going to vote for them anyway...


  1. They always have; they always will. Take it away from them and they'll have it again in ten years.

  2. Let them take the other half. Then the rest of us can go on the hug exchange.

  3. Their own nests are not going to be so snug after all when karma & the other 99% catch up with them - as in France 1789, Russia 1917, Rome 476, and any number of other instances. Supposedly failproof security arrangements have a way of suddenly falling through at certain historical junctures which are never anticipated by those who most need to be watching out for them.

    1. Val I'd be very happy if things were to change sometime soon. Very soon would be even better...

    2. Yes, I'd like to see it in my lifetime so the Uprising better hurry up!

  4. Actually your comment on arms sales actually should focus on the small arms sakes that cause misery worldwide. The principal firearms used against civilians worldwide are dominated by the AK and RPG series. The two main suppliers of these are Russia and China. Russia continues to export weapons to anyone with hard cash with impunity. Only a fool would believe that Putin has no control over these sales.
    As long as they continue many of the world's poor will be stuck in countries wracked by conflict, civil war and terrorism. Under that strain their economies will never develop.
    The worlds press though are silent. Even when photos showed 'syrian rebels' using fresh out of the box Russian AKs(they also supply Assad) or Ukraine 'sepratists'using AK 103s, a model used only by Russia and Venezuela.
    Nor will it ever change until pressure is brought to bear!