Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Admit I Was Wrong But I Knew My Rights Says Civil Rights Protester Matthew Saunders...

Ok, I did a dumb thing and parked my car in a disabled park said Birmingham man Matthew Saunders, but I know my rights and while I accept I have to pay the fine,  I wasn't about to let the towing company tow my car away. 
So, knowing it was illegal for them to move the car with me in it I locked myself inside. 
For nine hours!
Eventually a friendly policeman came along and was able to mediate a truce between  Matthew the civil libertarian and the frustrated tow truck operator. Otherwise they could still be there.
Matthew paid the fine and they both took off knowing that they'll probably meet again... 


  1. He parked in a disabled spot because he didn't care, he's a dirtbag.

  2. He's proudly displaying those typically British qualities so loved around the world:
    Even when you are blatantly in the wrong, you continue to assert that you are absolutely right.
    The best of British conceited arrogance.
    Well done Sir!

  3. I don't understand why he's got a "civil liberties" beef against designated parking spaces for the handicapped. A lot of the disabled really need spaces that are closer to their destination than spots that are easy for the able-bodied to get to and from. There are so many *real* violations of civil liberties (like shooting young men for strolling while black, or constant high-tech spying on the public), why's he gotta focus on this? Seems to me like a big waste of everybody's time.

    BTW, I can't help wondering how you arrange to pee while sitting in your car for nine hours. Did he equip himself like a mountaineer on Everest, with a bag to urinate in? I'm so glad it's him and not me.

  4. He'd best be happy he didn't try that stunt in the US. Even with a camera crew on hand, his a** would have been in the city lock-up in no time. Assuming he was lucky enough not to get himself shot by a disabled vet or other vigilante, as Rob's opinion is right on the mark. And dirtbags deserve to walk, not drive.

    1. Shot by a "disabled vet or other vigilante" - And there it is. The most idiotic thing I'll read all day. Do you even live in the U.S.? You'd be shot or beat down by a cop long before ever having a problem with anyone else.

    2. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time! A perfectly healthy young man who occupies a handicapped parking place is a moral degenerate. They should have broken the window & dragged his sorry butt out & then, taken him to jail