Thursday, January 22, 2015

This Amazing Lightweight Inexpensive Robust Bicycle Is Made Entirely From Cardboard...

Imagine a bicycle made completely from cardboard. That's what Israeli bicycle hobbiest Izhar Gafni did.
He imagined it, he planned it and then made it.
It's a bit like Japanese Origami says Izhar, folding the cardboard on itself both shapes it and strengthens it.
To such an extent it can support a 300 pound person and costs about $10 to make.
Izhar says his obsession with cardboard started when he read of a man creating a canoe out of the stuff. He immediately raced to his shed and started cutting and folding old cardboard boxes into bicycle shapes and it just went from there.
He resin coats all the parts to make the bike waterproof and durable but so far there's no idea on how long the bike will last.
It's got a patent pending though and should be on the streets soon at a price so cheap it won't be worth stealing one.
And it comes with a cardboard bike helmet too...


  1. Good idea. Now, instead of junking old bikes you will be able to burn them in your fireplace.

  2. May be good for in-town and commuting. Can't see one supplanting a mountain bike any time too soon. Still and all, very clever.

  3. This subject in conjunction with the general theme has me wondering how a cardboard camper would do?

    1. Good thinking and yes I'd imagine it was entirely possible and worth investigating.
      Have a look here at the new Christchurch cathedral that is built of cardboard.

  4. I don't understand how he could make a chain and gears that would work, it seems impossible. It looks like a cardboard tire would be too slick to get traction.

  5. Yes, ladies and germs, for the low, low cost of only $10, now you too can look like a total dork while out risking your very life co-mingling with SUV's and Hummers in dense urban traffic.

    Not worth stealing? Got that right!!

  6. Oh Mr Mocker I think I'll send you one for your birthday.
    And you'll be a big fan of a cardboard camper too I would presume...

  7. I've read the original blog a year ago , that's $10 for MATERIALS , if we go by THAT metric , the Mona Lisa is only worth a can of house paint

  8. This is right up my alley. I happen to be working on something like the cardboard camper right now. Here's the trick: the octet truss, a triangulated structure invented by Bucky Fuller back in the day (and before him by A.G. Bell). Use that design principle, and you'll get structural performance well beyond what the inherent strength of the material would lead you to suppose. For insulation? Pulped newspaper, a fully recycled cellulose material. I think it'll work.

    When I've got some presentable artifacts, I'll post or send you some pix Keith, if you like. Right now I'm still at the model-building stage.

    BTW, do you happen to know whether the cardboard bike has a chain or a belt drive? I'd be interested to find out.

    1. Val, I'm fairly certain it's belt drive, have a close look at the top image.
      And please do keep me up to date with your project. I'm sure it will be worth a post here.
      I will check out Bucky's Octet Truss. I didn't know he had one...