Monday, September 15, 2014

Why Is This Quirky House By Swedish Architect Tommy Carlsson Called The Happy Cheap House When Sadly It Seems So Expensive...

It's quirky, it could be fun but why this house
by the well known Swedish architect Tommy Carlsson is called a happy cheap house is not apparent. Sadly to me the prefabricated minimalist, corrugated clad house that looks like a cube after some major cosmetic surgery, seems so expensive.
But it does have some wonderfully practical and simple design features.
Like the water collection gutters, the small ventilation openings and the main entrance with its clever all-weather covering.
And plywood and corrugated iron are very good construction materials.
The house has been developed as a prototype for the low cost and space efficient prefabricated house market that is seen in Sweden.
But the costs seem expensive at E170,000 for a 110 sq metre house.
In the US, allowing for currency variations, the house would be around $180,000 and in New Zealand's currency it might be around $360,000.
I've been wrong before and once I was mistaken.
Perhaps it is a happy cheap house after all... 


  1. That is a heck of a lot of money per square foot or square meter. I think I will pass on that one.

  2. Somebody else can pay that but not me. Pretty much everything about that house looks ugly to me. Except the trees that surround it.

  3. US$180k for a house with raw plywood and exposed utility plumbing ??? How much is the version that's actually finished?

    A fool and his Euros are soon parted.

  4. This is insanity! The "house" is ugly, uninviting, cold & just downright tacky! Our local Boy Scouts constructed a house of plywood & corrugated metal that is far more attractive & welcoming & it cost just under $500.

  5. it probably is in Swedish kroner (about six to an american dollar), not euros - we do not have these here