Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Simple Little Sauna Shed On A Sled Sidesteps Local Planning Rules In Finland...

London based Denizen Works designed this very cute sixty four sq ft sauna shed on a sled.
Their client in Aland Finland had tried for years to get planning permission for a sauna on their land by a lake. Knowing that the planners allow mobile structures DW designed the sauna shed on a sled which can be slid onto the frozen lake in winter months.
A hole is created for the sauna users to brave the icy waters. Tiina Tervo shot the images.
Tiina perhaps you'll take some more of the interior with the fire going...


  1. That's a beautiful sauna in a beautiful setting. I'd certainly love to have the use of it.

  2. I've an "ice fishing shack" that somehow never makes it out onto the ice. It sits next to the lake and is full of my paddles, oars, lifejackets and beach stuff.

  3. Cute as can be. As my grandmother always said, "There's more than one way to skin a cat.".