Monday, September 8, 2014

Punjab's Holyman, The Devout Sikh Avtar Singh Mauni Wears The World's Largest Turban With Pride...

The devout holyman Sikh Avtar Singh Mauni lives in the town of Patiala in Punjab's
Northern India.
He spends six hours of each day dressing himself in the world's longest and heaviest traditional Punjabi turban called a Pagdi.
It weighs a staggering one hundred pounds and measures 2115 feet long.
The weapons and jewelry the sixty year old carries to adorn his costume weighs another eighty seven pounds.
He's been adding adornments to his attire for the last sixteen years so he's accustomed to the weight and the balancing act required to move around. The only way he can get to his local temple is by motorcycle.
It's just as well he doesn't have to wear a motorcyle helmet as well...


  1. I saw this pic in my "This Week" magazine......made me smile...I'll tell you that


  2. Quite amazing! I hope he doesn't get the turban ends caught up in the motor bike wheels........could come to an entangled end.

  3. Its all about me.I wonder if his religion teaching is ignored.

    1. That's funny! The phrase 'it's all about me' was the very first thing that came to my mind.

  4. The holy man with the biggest turban wins? and if so, what does he win?

  5. Well, you know what they say about men who exaggerate some area of their bodies (or autos)----so, I am not terribly impressed by his gigantic headgear.

  6. Incredible India, the spiritual home of charlatans, mountebanks, frauds, ego.maniacs, sexually abusing gurus, scot-free murderers and, on top of it all, wall-to-wall corruption from the top dows