Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Wonderful Wild Weird Wacky Witty World Of Caravansary At This Year's Burning Man...

Sixty five thousand happy pilgrims,  travelers, artists, musicians, vagabonds and seekers ventured to the annual Burning Man held as usual at Black Rock City on the Nevada Desert playa for a week at the end of August.
The theme for 2014 was Caravansary, an Asian or North African term for desert travelers or a group traveling in a caravan.
Caravans were many as were some wonderful wacky weird witty and wild temporary homes on wheels and without.
Burning Man is an annual experiment of a temporary community coming together for this time in a spirit of love, peace, radical self expression and self reliance.
For many it's a must on their bucket list...


  1. Look at skys they are geoengineeredThey are not true Blue. See the silver blue geoengineering with nanotechnology using nano aluminum sprayed. You see everywhere in USA.even the desert.

  2. Here in Hungary there is no caravan culture so every time I mention living on a bus people think I came from another planet. When I see such marvels of engineering and what others aspire to living in or showing off as in these photos I feel downright normal or even boring.

  3. A caravansary is where the caravans would stop for shelter. Their version of a safer motel.

    And those photos cover many years, not just this past one.

  4. The photo in the #6 spot shows, what I think is the year after that piece had been a major installation.
    It had been a moving, group powered, art installation.
    At night there would be people pedaling stationary bikes to power the spinning of the tree w/ monkeys on it. Then there were people drumming to get a certain rhythm powering a strobe light. If everyone was in sinc the strobing would create the illusion the tree was stationary and the monkey was swinging from branch to branch.