Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some Of The World's Richest People Have Everything Except What They Desperately Need. Water...

Surprisingly to some, the mega rich like the rest of us, also have to take their hats off to have their hair cut, and the billionaires of California's Montecito where a few of the world's wealthiest reside in some of the most opulent homes on the planet, are, much to their dismay, finding they're having to face some of the same problems as the world's poorest and homeless.
They're fast discovering that their immense wealth doesn't guarantee them the essentials of life, like water. In fact strangely enough, their vast fortunes could be hindering their ability to cope as they find a simple order given to a servant is not sufficient to get them what isn't available and their extravagant lifestyles make them personally ill-equipped to deal with this sort of problem solving.
And water storage facilities like Lake Cachuma are drying up in dramatic fashion, the rich state of California is in crisis, facing the worst drought in history as every day without rain transforms it into what it once was.
A desert...


  1. It may take awhile, but Mother Earth will take back what is hers and after man has disappeared from this world, she will quickly wipe out any signs that man ever existed.

  2. My youngest daughter and her family moved out there anyway. Nobody listens to the old man.

  3. We will soon be calling it "the formerly rich state of California." Which means I may need to find a new place to live.


  4. Nearly a century and a half of mismanagement of water finally comes home to roost...

  5. Hey relax! You Guys worry way too much....
    Firstly, you're forgetting that there is NO problem.
    Second, there is no problem that science and good Government cannot fix. Science has always come to Man's rescue.
    Third, the U.S. Government has been monitoring the problem since forever and has formulated a fail proof action plan to protect Americans from declining water supplies. Again, you worry way too much!
    The plan is very simple:
    All that snow and ice just waiting to flow south to thirsty Americans.
    "How is that going to happen?" you may ask.
    What if those nasty Canadians don't want to share?
    Perhaps the U.S will have to invade Canada?

    Simple answer: Most companies in Canada are American owned, especially oil companies. There is no need to invade, it's already U.S. property.
    As those Canadian oil wells are sucked dry, all we have to do is run a plastic liner through the pipelines and start pumping. "Presto" ..... Water for all!
    Trust good Government to come to the rescue!

  6. It's only the worst drought in the history of the USA. Geological and biological evidence shows that the California area has undergone extreme drought conditions for over 100 years at a time some in relatively recent history.
    Nature always has the final say.

  7. The Geoengeenering of California is killing the state by drying the state to keep the middle and east coast wet and cool.Spraying nanoparticles of aluminum that reflect the sunlight and then using Haarp to stear or bust up storms . sacrificing California for the good of the country that is what weather modification is all about across the globe.

  8. ashes to ashes , dust to dust .....

  9. Thanks, Odd Pair. What a relief! And I thought I was going to have to build a desalination plant on my private golf course. What an eyesore that would've been.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention: Val here. I've been too lazy to sign in lately, so I just sign off. The posts by Anonymous above are by some other Anonymous. It's the nom-de-plume of a very prolific and widely read author, I gather.