Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This Micro House In London's Islington Could Be Yours For A Lot Of Monopoly Money...

This extremely tiny 188sq ft house with only one room in London's Islington neighborhood could be yours for what may seem Monopoly money.
The asking price if you're interested in perhaps adding to Euston Road and Pentonville Road giving you the full light blue set is only $450,000.
So just imagine what the house that's billed as the world's smallest house would be selling for if it was in the dark blue set of Mayfair and Park Lane in the famous game of Monopoly.
The cute little, little, did I say little? I meant micro. The cleverly designed micro house situated in the highly sought after area of Richmond Avenue boasts a lofted bed area accessible by way of the kitchen counter top, a toilet in the shower and a platform that acts as both a living room and dining room.
And no sorry, there just isn't any space
to swing the proverbial...


  1. Is that dollars or £s? I rather think it must be £s..........?London is crazy - it's soooooo expensive and a good salary or two doesn't guarantee you even a toehold on the housing ladder. But it is a beautiful little house.

  2. If you are bloody drunk .This could be a disaster.

  3. For a whole lot less than that you could be getting a more beautiful home on wheels and expand your horizons since the exterior you happen to be in adds to your living space. Variety is the spice of life so why would anyone want to spend so much for so little and have to live in the same place all the time?

  4. Wow... that certainly is tiny but well designed for such a small space. But I think Suzy makes a very good point that I agree with.