Friday, September 19, 2014

Here's A Keep It Simple Stupid, Well Designed, Easy To Build Office, Sleepout, Spare Room Or Anything Garden Shed...

This is such a delightfully simple, easy and inexpensive shed to build.
You can build a KISS shed like this one in Hackney, on a limited budget and a short time frame. The simple framing timbers create ready made shelving and the shed is cladded with ply.
How simple is that.
The clear part of the roof allows natural light in and gives a welcome glimpse of the sky and the full-height doors retract and open completely allowing an unimpeded view of the outdoors.
Make it the right size and you'll probably get around any local planning restrictions too.
I'll see you at the shed party...


  1. Obviously there is very low humidity there or the books would mildew in 24 hrs here in the deep south. Creepy Crawlers would nest in the tv & breed & snakes would love it!