Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sonja's Random Acts Of Kindness Make The World A Better Place...

Hello Keith
I wish to order your book 'How To Live Well On 

A Small Income'. I will describe my next attempt to give 10 to an unknown person in need. 
It's not easy here, you know?! 
In recent times, from 'privatization' and mafia government, 99% of people in Croatia are poor or nearly poor or much poorer than before, and less than 1% is filthy rich, without morals - and they don't walk around or shop in supermarkets. Not the same, but a similar situation like in Russia, which you might know. So when I try to give 10 to someone - to the school teacher who is searching for something for dinner in a trash can or an unemployed engineer who collects empty bottles, they recognize me as equal, human hearted, hard surviving person 
and refuse to take 10 from me. 
Today I have some money, and when tomorrow the luck turns you will give 10 to me, I said to these persons, but still they didn't want to take my money. So I discovered other tactics: I offer some candies, fruits, cigarettes. That's accepted. Also I invented envelopes with some little money, but for that I have to know where the person in need lives. I write some funny letter about them winning some prize and put them in their mailbox. That way I am not ruining their pride. 
Last year I became the owner of a vehicle, a simple car, and I invented this '10': When I see someone, especially if they're old or weak, on a lonely bus stop, and it's raining or hot or late, I offer them a lift home. You think this is easy, but it's not. An old sick woman with her heavy bags on a hot day refused me twice (after shopping I passed that bus stop without a timetable and saw her still waiting)! 
Have I deserved your book? 
As for my story: sure, do show it to others. 
I'm an unemployed half-ill professor of literature and language, I'm nearly homeless but 
I do have a garden. 
My monthly income for 1/4 time job is around 200 € and my country is not cheap. 
Love, Sonja.

Thankyou Sonja and thankyou too
for allowing me to publish your letter.
You will have received the little book by now.
Much Aroha to you...


  1. What a heart warming letter...

  2. There are times I'm happy to be counted among the humans. If we had a few more like that . . .

  3. Today started with crying since Sonja's letter described similar situations here in Hungary that repeatedly wound the heart. On Thursdays I leave the house at 4:30 a.m. to get to the office where I teach English at 6. It's dark along the way but already the many hungry, unemployed and homeless are on the street searching in garbage bins for food or something they can use or sell. The amazing thing is that most have their pride still intact and one must be creative in giving a handout like Sonja mentioned. Sending love and blessings from your neighbor in Budapest, Sonja.

  4. Warms the heart & reminds us there are still selfless, loving people who share what little they have: "the widow's mite". I pray for these unique human beings & ask that their blessings overflow.